Attempts to undermine Anna Hazare's anti-corruption movement, in which a section of the media unfortunately has participated, will fail. There are those in government who believe IPL will distract youngsters from the Anna movement. They will be proved as wrong as they flunked in their attempt to buoy up a sinking Manmohan Singh by nesting an Indo-Pak summit in the cricket World Cup semifinal in Mohali.

The point is that neither the ruling regime nor the principal opposition party, the BJP, quite recognizes the fundamental manner in which Anna has changed the anti-corruption debate. In all fairness, the BJP and CPI-M have been spearheading anti-corruption and anti-price-rise campaigns against the insensitive UPA government.

But at least the BJP's anti-corruption drive has been hindered by differences in the top party leadership (with Arun Jaitley pressing for an all-out attack and Sushma Swaraj preferring to pull her punches for some reason) and by the spectacle of B.S.Yedurappa clinging to office despite growing charges of wrongdoing. The CPI-M leadership, to its credit, is not compromised.

The brilliance about the Anna Hazare campaign, on the other hand, is that he brings no baggage. If anything, a cursory inspection of his past inspires nothing but respect.

In war (and Anna fought in 1965) to be the sole survivor of a unit (as he was) may leave lifelong scars. Out of those scars came his single-minded dedication to the nation and his fierce impersonal resolve.

It requires extraordinary will and capacity of self-sacrifice to go on a fast unto death for a national cause, and those are the only reasons why his anti-corruption campaign has spread like wildfire throughout India and engulfed the internet. It is laughable to think that a mere IPL will destroy his campaign.

Associating with his campaign brings no costs comparable to, say, joining a BJP or CPI-M agitation against corruption. Which is why everyone is lining up to be on Anna's side, from Adi Godrej to Amitabh Bachchan to lesser stars. And ordinary folks are joining him in thousands every day. This writer went to pay his respects yesterday, and it was a most uplifting experience in Jantar Mantar.

The most fundamental way in which Anna Hazare's anti-corruption crusade is different is that it has unnerved the political class as a whole, with the rudest comments against him coming from the Congress party (entirely expected), the Samajwadi Party, and the government's cheerleaders in the press.

Anna's vision of a Jan Lok Pal threatens the "elected supremacy" that any ruling dispensation has come to enjoy for the five years of its term, with no constitutionally-provided recall vote. The club of the so-called "elected" is a very select club. You and I cannot join it because we do not have money- or muscle-power and, importantly, do not belong to a political dynasty.

And who is the so-called elected MP or MLA? The one who wins a minority of votes in a first-past-the-post system, which itself he has previously subverted to the utmost of his capacity.

Some "elected representatives" like M.K.Alagiri are notorious subverters. The Wikileaks say (and this was reported previously) that his men packed cash into morning newspapers which the recipients were in no position to refuse/ return and therefore voted for him or his party candidate out of a bad conscience. This same Alagiri is on the UPA government's GoM to draft a new Lok Pal bill.

Can anything be more scandalous?

On behalf of these alleged "elected representatives", Anna Hazare is being attacked. Newspaper articles are appearing that he is out to subvert democracy. What democracy, pray?

Despite Supreme Court observations, the government won't debar criminals from participating in elections. The independence of the Election Commission is compromised with the appointment of ruling-party favourites as ECs, one of who outrageously became (and remains) Central minister upon retirement. In appointments to the Supreme Court, the government tries to extract its pound of flesh. Justice H.L.Gokhale was superseded seven times between 2007 and 2010 before being elevated to the Supreme Court. Why? The emasculation of the CBI/ Enforcement Directorate continues apace. And nothing surpasses the shocking appointment of P.J.Thomas as CVC.

When the ruling UPA single-mindedly destroys democratic institutions, and makes corruption systemic (2G, Antrix-Devas, Adarsh, Swiss black money, IPL, Hasan Ali, CVC, Ottavio Quattrocchi...), what democracy remains for Anna Hazare to imperil?

Clearly, the time is past for the overlordship of the corrupt ruling classes. Anna Hazare has unleashed forces that will be difficult to contain if the UPA does not concede his demands. It is completely possible to accept his demands without creating a constitutional crisis (as some are crying wolf), provided there is will and good intentions.

The only way forward is to go with Anna Hazare.

The UPA government will collapse if it adopts a course to counter/ confront him.

All of India is with Anna Hazare.