13 January 2010: Reliable political sources say that the Manmohan Singh government is in big trouble over the Telangana issue, and it is not for the usual party-political reason, although that also plays a role. For example, whoever concedes Telangana (the ball is now firmly in the UPA-Congress court) will have an uphill task with the voters of remaining Andhra Pradesh. And there is no guarantee that even if a certain party's government at the Centre approves Telangana, the party will win a majority in the new state. That can conceivably happen, but it is more likely that the TRS of K.Chandrasekhar Rao, whose threatened fast-unto-death released the Telangana genie out of the bottle, as it were, may handsomely succeed. But ups and downs are inevitable in politics, but that is not the real crisis concerning the Telangana demand.