6 August 2008: It is a wonder that with a politician as wise and able as Karan Singh among its senior top leaders, the Congress party and the UPA government it leads should blunder on several issues in four years of power. For a start, Karan Singh would have made an ideal President if someone in the Congress had made serious efforts to convince the Left out of its resistance to him. That he is former royalty cannot be denied, but that did not cease the growth of Madhavrao Scindia or now his son or his sister, Vasundhraraje. The Left often takes a narrow view of politics. Karan Singh's association with temple trusts and Vedic issues automatically classifies him as "communal" in today's blind adoption of Western political concepts that often don't fit into the Indian context. Gandhi famously refused to view India in the constrained nation-state paradigm of the West. Our politics and our politicians need a lot of growing up.