Political correctness, mendacity, establishment fixation and money power have cast such black septic clouds over the landscape as to block the sunlight of truth. If Indian politics cannot be wedded to truth, the country has no future. To consider the examples of Mulayam Singh Yadav, Arvind Kejriwal and UPA-2's sellout to the West in the name of reforms is no longer shocking as it is depressing.

Mulayam Singh Yadav says he will support the Manmohan Singh government to keep out the "communal" BJP. One of his henchmen brothers, who acts as his occasional spokesman, refers to the Gujarat riots to power his argument. Fair enough. But Mulayam and his family believe people to have a short memory, and that nobody remembers his secret petitions to (former prime minister) A.B.Vajpayee to permit him to form a government in Uttar Pradesh, which was allowed to happen with the added numbers of BSP defectors. 

When did this take place? 2003, one year after the post-Godhra riots, when Mulayam was very pally with the Vajpayee establishment. Mulayam's case was originally pitched to Vajpayee by Mulayam's once closest aide, Amar Singh, who is a bloodhound when it comes to protecting the interests of his friends and mentors. Now, for Mulayam, BJP becomes conveniently "communal" to justify his perverse support to the predatory UPA regime. 

Is Mulayam's mendacity and double dealing hidden from politicians and the media? Hardly. Mulayam needs Central funds to bankroll his son's government in Uttar Pradesh, which is going nowhere under Yadav rule, and will sink further in short time. The CBI is on Mulayam's tail, and any wrong move by him, in the form of opposing UPA, can blow up his prime-ministerial ambitions. Is anybody informing the country about any of this? No. Is the shameless opportunism of Mulayam Yadav, who speaks of a Third Front in the same breath as he talks of backing the UPA, coming under critical scrutiny? Perish the thought. 

On the other hand, the mainstream media is celebrating the BSE sensex rise by five hundred points because of Mulayam's faux show of fondness for the regime. 

There is no hope that this country will ever get real. 

India has become Bollywood, with the newsmedia providing item numbers by the hour. 

Now turn to Arvind Kejriwal. It is not enough to have commitment. The monkey is heavily committed to bananas. You also have to have vision, think through things for yourself, and work to a plan. When Kejriwal embarked on his political party idea, this writer straightaway said it was no go, it wouldn't last six months (see Commentary, "End of a movement," 3 August 2012). On the advice of former judge Santosh Hegde, Kiran Bedi and others, Anna Hazare reached the same conclusion, and forbid Kejriwal from using the India Against Corruption banner to advance his party political plans. 

Now the force behind India Against Corruption is Anna Hazare, whose battles in Maharashtra for public causes are well-known. When Anna Hazare became opposed to the political party idea, what should Arvind Kejriwal in his wisdom have done? Step back, abandon his cockeyed scheme, listen to Hazare, and rebuild the anti-corruption movement from start. 

But what does Kejriwal do? Through friends in the media, and with active support of the establishment, he stirs up the old chestnut about RSS and Anna Hazare. Insinuations are made that RSS made him break up with Kejriwal. Is Kejriwal serious to believe this? Doesn't he know the truth, that he overplayed his hand (dragging India Against Corruption, for instance, into the Koondankulum stir), boxed above his weight, and that he is nobody without Anna Hazare's backing? 

More to the point, doesn't the media know? Isn't there one honest commentator who can say these things? It is the curse of political correctness that hobbled Arvind Kejriwal, forcing his eyes away from the anti-corruption crusade against the Central government, and his anger against Anna Hazare will turn to loathing and drive him into the arms of the establishment. Wait and see. This will happen in the timeline of four to six weeks, picking speed with the appearance of motivated stories in the media. And the faster Arvind Kejriwal falls, the more rapidly will the Anna Hazare movement revive, because its core is truthful. 

Finally, to the sellout called reforms. As stated in the commentary, "Go home," UPA has criminally distorted the growth story. Those distortions will grow more egregious as Manmohan Singh mindlessly opens up India to foreign sharks. UPA is sinking, but it seems determined to take India down with it. Trouble is few outside opposition parties seem concerned, oblivious to the septic clouds poisoning India's future.