Amazed, as American President says “India’s hitting US ‘very hard’ and has talked about America first”.

Historically, US has never given any special treatment to India and have gone against India’s interest on several occasions. US is the oldest democracy and in 1962 during Indo-China war it did not bother to come and support when democratic India was attacked.

After the Indo-Pak war in 1965 India faced acute food shortage. US denied what even after the agreement, may be because of India’s stand against Hanoi Bombing.

Once again we saw US working against India’s interest by dispatching US 7th Fleet to Bay of Bengal to aid Pakistan. Prime Minister Indira Gandhi had travelled all over the world conveying India’s concerns due to millions of refugees from East Pakistan entering India. Still, US worked on its own agenda that was against Indian interest.

US denied India cryogenic engines required for India space programme. Push against the wall Indian scientists came out with their own solution. US denied super computers to India in 1987 to stop India’s growth. However, India developed its own PARAM 8000.

There are several such examples, where US has gone against India’s interest. In trade as well India has never been extended any favored deal. If US is the oldest democracy, India is the largest, but US hardly supported India even during the height of terrorist attacks by Pakistan. Knowing fully well Pakistan was given arms those were used against India.

Any trade deal between India and US has to be in a win-win situation. If President wants to promote American products, then US must promote Indian products in US Market.

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