London, 6 December 2010: An Indian city is likely to suffer a major terrorist assault in the foreseeable future. The most obvious target is Mumbai because a second terror attack against it would constitute spectacular provocation. Other cities which are potential targets for Pakistani terrorism include Bangalore and Delhi: the former because it obsesses Pakistanis, while an assault against Delhi would make a mockery of the constant refrain that India is rising and dramatically highlight its pathetic vulnerability to a Pakistan on the verge of collapse. Any such terror outrage would constitute a casus belli that Pakistan could not engage in without prior clearance from Beijing. China would need to guarantee intervention to protect Pakistan against Indian ire by at least moving troops towards its border with India. The Anglo-American view of such a situation cannot be confidently anticipated. The British foreign office remains a bastion of unrelenting advocacy for Pakistan and powerful elements within the US, especially within the Pentagon and the US state department, are unwilling to abandon their faithful long-term ally.