New Delhi: With a faux choked voice, Sonia Gandhi has said, “The rape victim should get justice” Thank you. How wonderful. How kind of the empress. Sonia is doing a favour by getting the victim justice. This country is reduced to getting justice only if Sonia Gandhi decrees. What a fall (or is it rise?) for a nation barely sixty-five years after independence.

Rather than being the dispenser of a uniquely personalized and privileged justice, Sonia Gandhi should take full blame for the rape tragedy. A young woman at the anti-rape protests got that straightaway right. Sonia is the moving force behind both the Manmohan Singh and Shiela Dixit governments, and both these administrations by their criminal negligence of women’s and general citizen security enabled a horrific crime to occur.

Manmohan Singh is as ineffective as prime minister as Sushil Kumar Shinde is as home minister. Neither is a politician. Neither is connected to the ground. The prime minister went mum for seven days after the rape incident and opened his mouth for such memorable closing words, “Theek hai.” The home minister of course referred to the anti-rape protestors as Maoists. Personally and politically insecure, their public discourse reveals them.

But who has made them so? Who has chosen them precisely for their ineffectiveness and incompetence? Why does India have a prime minister who does not deserve to be one? Why do we have a patently unqualified boor as home minister? Because Sonia Gandhi wants them. And then Sonia Gandhi fakes emotions on the tragedy, and the fawning media plays it up.

Why does Sonia Gandhi want politically insecure people around her? Because she is herself politically unsure, and does not want the succession plan for her son to be jeopardized. As people in her party say, she wants yes-men around her; she wants forever to be in a position of indispensability for the Congress. Carefully, every politician in the party has been destroyed or sidelined. There is not a single politician of the first rank in the Union cabinet today. The Congress’s last half-decent politician plotted his escape to Rashtrapati Bhawan, and must now hang his head in shame for the unspeakable utterances of his son.

A system does not collapse easily, but if you have a non-prime minister and a zero cabinet for eight years, if corruption and scams are the norm, if IAS and IPS officers become partners in the loot of the country, then the steel frame will give way. It has. When an autorickshaw refused to take the young woman all the way to the safety of her home in Palam, and left her vulnerable to tragedy, the system had collapsed. What’s the use of Sonia Gandhi shedding tears now, when she has willfully destroyed the system to perpetuate Nehru-Gandhi rule?

And why does Sheila Dixit continue to be chief minister when she cannot safeguard women? How can she remain chief minister in all conscience knowing she couldn’t prevent a great tragedy? It is entirely in the nature of her absent guilt and remorse that she initiates the rape victim’s hush-hush dispatch to Singapore in the dead of night so any repercussions from her case do not affect her government. Worse, her flacks work the hacks to get her credit for Singapore. Outsource and be damned. That is the name of the game.

And what of the abomination called Neeraj Kumar? Congress insiders say he is close to 10 Janpath, which is why he continues to remain commissioner of police when he should have been sacked hours post the tragedy. Neeraj Kumar is responsible for the tragedy. If police systems had been in place, the tragedy could have been avoided. He was responsible for the violence against anti-rape protestors, especially women, and the maniacal tear-gassing and water-cannoning. No one believes him that protestor violence killed a police constable. He and his subordinate officers have been lying to save their skins, and the most minimum to get the police system on rails in Delhi is to throw out the police commissioner.

That is the most token justice Sonia Gandhi can deliver for the rape victim. Then she must get rid of Sheila Dixit, the home minister, and the clueless prime minister. If she cannot or won’t take these decisions, then her talk of justice is meaningless. The system betrayed a young woman of Delhi. It threw her to the wolves. Those that operate the system, from top to bottom, must pay. They must pay a price so high that their successors do not dare to subvert the system. Nothing less will satisfy citizens. Enough is enough.