Pondicherry: A majority of Indians have chosen a stable government. A coalition administration would have been disastrous. A leader and a government must deliver, imbue a powerful sense of hope for the future, and withstand the severest tests of time. India's next prime minister shows promises of these and more. He has spoken against divisiveness and fragmentation and presses for unity, healing and hard work. I hope he lives up to his words.

I am not easily impressed by politicians. I had my biases and doubts and perhaps prejudices about him. But I have since understood how the intelligentsia-media nexus worked against him and how their agendas are controlled by foreign forces.

My understandings have ranged in other directions as well. Words like secularism, communalism, liberalism, fascism, anti-this, pro-that, etc, are empty rhetoric and especially so in the context of India’s democratic process. Much rot stays nicely concealed under them. Journalists and academicians are easily bought and sold. When power shifts, the same people sing a different tune. A media driven by money and ratings can never be objective. Intellectuals are also ruled by money. University agendas are determined by politics and money power; there is scarce quest for knowledge and truth.

I have also learned that unless I know deeply about the Indian spirit which makes India unique and different, I shall never understand Indian politics and indeed anything Indian. Only he who truly loves this country can effectively lead it. He may belong to any party. But if he is driven by a narrow agenda, a selfish motive, a desire for absolute power, a chauvinistic attitude toward one community and a disregard for the great diversity that makes India, there is no hope.

No matter which religion we belong to, we must learn about true secularism. It is deeply embedded within the Indian spirit. India has no need for an imported understanding of secularism but one rooted in sarva dharma sambhava and sarva pantha sambhava. The divisive decades-old secularism vs communalism debate must cease.

At the same time, other false notions must be banished. These are: a) ruler giveth and the ruled taketh; b) government is the mai-baap and the governed are the helpless living on alms thrown by the mai-baap; c) pro-this automatically means anti-that; d) pro-development is anti-environment; e) pro-industry constitutes anti-agriculture; f) only the “educated elite” conversant with English can lead this country; g) an exception to f) would be those that have mastered the vote-bank politics of religion or caste; their non-English background is deemed advantageous; h) if you are not the “elite” described in f) or fail the exception of g), you must be a fanatic, a communalist, a polarizer, and so forth; i) only the “elite” and the “liberal” media know to do best by the masses that are hypnotized monsters.

Perish these notions. Seize the future. “...the future,” said Sri Aurobindo, "is mightier than the past and evolution proceeds relentlessly in its course trampling to pieces all that it no longer needs."