31 July 2008: While Prakash Karat, the CPI-M general secretary, has ruled out any truck with the Congress in the general elections, he has also evaded on the issue of supporting Mayawati as prime minister. One TV channel categorically said that Karat had ruled out Mayawati as PM, while Kairali TV, which is supposed to be close to the CPI-M leadership, more cautiously put out that the party chief had evaded a direct reply on the BSP leaderene. But the INLD, another party of the UNPA alliance, which the BSP joined after breaking from the UPA-Congress on the nuclear deal, said no categorically to Mayawati as prime minister. Two statements against Mayawati as PM on the same day cannot be coincidence. That leaves two questions. What happens to Mayawati's PM ambitions? And harder to figure, what does Karat have in mind in the way of future politics?