Manmohan Singh hopes to use the Mohali cricket match to restart Indo-Pak peace talks. It will fail for the following reasons.

Pakistan wants all of Jammu and Kashmir. Indian public opinion won't permit any government -- regardless of the size of its parliamentary majority -- to concede an inch of J and K territory.

Pakistan has tried military, military-terroristic and terroristic means to grab the present J and K. It has failed. Its failure has grown its J and K stakes. It wants J and K for itself and to trigger India's Balkanization.

India won't allow this.

Also, Manmohan Singh is isolated within his government and in the Congress party on Indo-Pak peace. Most people want peace. But they also understand it is presently unachievable.

Manmohan Singh has zero achievement as PM. He believes Indo-Pak peace will earn him a prized place in history. He won't get it.

Manmohan Singh fundamentally misreads the psyche of Pakistan's ruling class. It is immaterial to talk about people. As people, Pakistanis are likely to be as good or bad as the Indians, Americans or the Japanese.

Whatever the nature of government in Pakistan, a hardline Islamist ideology guides it. Active Islamist guidance is provided by the Pakistan army and ISI. They believe they are the ultimate guardians of the Islamist soul of Pakistan. Only an Islamist identity will differentiate them from India, and cause Pakistan to overwhelm India.

In that line of thought, Pakistan cannot prosper unless India is vanquished.

Whatever his Indian apologists may say, Mohammed Ali Jinnah infected Pakistan with this devilry. He hoped to make Pakistan of use to the West in the anti-Soviet Great Game/ Cold War to gain mileage and strength against India.

Military dictators after Jinnah carefully hewed to this line. For example, Pakistan's terror war against India began as a by-product of the anti-Soviet Afghan "mujahideen" war.

The present prolongation of the Af-Pak crisis is also an outcome of Pakistan's strategic designs against India. Pakistan seeks "strategic depth" in Afghanistan against India.

It won't permit the installation of any government in Kabul that is friendly towards India.

Never mind that Pakistan's India obsession has made it a failed state. In return for elusive "strategic depth" in Afghanistan, it is forced to cultivate the Al-Qaeda/ Afghan Taliban in Quetta and North Waziristan.

Pakistan hopes and believes that when US/ NATO forces leave Pakistan after 2014, a Taliban/ Al-Qaeda government will aid its strategic struggles against India.

As this writer has warned before, the Taliban will meet a Northern Alliance II resistance backed by Russia and Iran regardless of India's participation. And this will turn the Taliban/ Al-Qaeda to chase Pakistan's nuclear assets.

The hordes of terrorist groups Pakistan has nurtured against India will join the Taliban/ Al-Qaeda hunt for Pak nukes and fissile spares.

The failure of the Pakistan state will be complete then.

This is the denouement India should prepare for, rather than pursue the mirage of peace with Pakistan.

The point is Pakistan does not want peace.

It is a nation that has come to accept life in a state of permanent war -- war with itself, and war with its neighbours.

Prime minister Manmohan Singh's search for personal glory is compromising India's national security. His new peace initiative will bring equal if not less embarrassment for the government and the Congress party as his Sharm-el-Sheikh blunder did.

Prone to flattery, Manmohan Singh cannot be trusted with dodgy Pakistani rulers.

So before the Mohali meet, the Congress leadership, after consultations with Pranab Mukherjee, should introduce a cautionary note that boxes in Manmohan Singh.

The PM lacks judgment. His previous bungles with Pakistan cannot be repeated.

After a budget session torpedoed by Wikileaks, the country, the government and the ruling party could do with controversy-free times ahead.