20 July 2009: The PM has put his name to a joint statement with his Pakistani counterpart on behalf of India that is proving a little too demanding to comprehend. Partisan anchors and ponderous academic opinion from Singapore have been straining to provide a fig leaf of legitimacy for it all, but it really won't wash. The first outwardly plausible justification is that India should extend a helping hand to a civilian government seeking to impose its authority over the Pakistani state apparatus. Such a civilian dispensation, once genuinely in control of state apparatus, will supposedly be less belligerent towards India. A second explanation avows that India should evidently make a gesture in response to Pakistani admission of its own official complicity in the Mumbai assault and the naming of various culprits. A third implicit explanation that dare not speak its name, for the perplexing signing of the joint declaration, is some private US assurance that is apparently worth one additional national humiliation since that has become routine anyway during the past two decades. Another alarming inference is some sort of threatened military action along the Himalayan front that necessitates reduction of tensions along the Indo-Pak border.