19 February 2010: The Congress Working Committee (CWC) according to political sources is in ferment over uncontained Naxal violence and the price rise even as the Manmohan Singh government is divided over talks with Pakistan. The last was analyzed in previous commentaries in this magazine and has become freshly current with media reports that the home and defence ministries (and their respective cabinet ministers) are less than enthusiastic about prime minister Manmohan Singh's dialogue initiative with Pakistan. This writer will return to the subject next week. On the other hand, price rise and food inflation, first doggedly pursued by this magazine during the general election but which found little resonance in the rest of the media, may be taken up for comment and analysis in the coming week in the overall context of India's strategic security. Today, the focus will be on the growing Naxal violence and the inability or the disinclination of the Indian state to limit and pacify it.