5 November 2008: From hostility (Nixon) to indifference (Reagan) to passable friendship (Bush II): that is how significant Republican administrations have engaged with India since the early Seventies. With the only crucial Democratic administration in recent years, it was unconcealed hostility in Clinton's first term, when J and K's accession to India was questioned. Clinton's second term was marked with a love affair with this country. But in return for Clinton accepting India's compulsion to keep a minimum deterrent, the A.B.Vajpayee government almost positively committed to the CTBT, until the (then) PM saw through the blunder and stepped back. But the voluntary moratorium on testing that came with the Pokhran II explosions has become an albatross around the neck. The Indo-US nuclear deal has been pegged on it. If India tests again, as India has to, to have a dynamically sophisticated deterrent, the deal collapses, and all the economy built on it.