12 November 2008: It is faintly nauseating that the media should go on and on about Barack Obama's telephone call to Manmohan Singh, and it is odd that the prime minister should respond to it. For the record, the PM said the next US president wanted to talk earlier, but the timings didn't suit, and that they had spoken. On the other hand, it is not odd at all that the PM should be party to the media's nervousness about India's relations with the incoming American president. Not just do Manmohan Singh's enormous strategic investments with the current Bush administration look shaky in the context of Obama, who is less keen on the Indo-US nuclear deal, has promised some manner of intervention in Kashmir on the campaign trail, and is opposed to outsourcing. But India's relations with Pakistan at the near-end of Manmohan Singh's prime-ministerial term appear to be headed nowhere, and renewed hostilities mark relations with China.