8 March 2010: Manmohan Singh's peace initiative is blowing up in his face, and it was inevitable that this would happen. The initiative had no logic and came out of flawed strategic thinking or was the outcome of US pressure not unlike that at Sharm-el-Sheikh which produced a joint statement that included Pakistan's Baluchistan "concerns". In his Parliament-House face-off with the BJP leader, L.K.Advani, the PM denied that the US had pressured him in any of his one-on-ones with the American president, Barack Obama. Obama is no fool to do such a thing directly. He has enough politicians and aides to do that. And even if these things cannot directly be broached with the prime minister, Manmohan Singh has an army of officials who can be influenced. If he were a politician, a Lok Sabha elect, the PM would not be so influenceable by officials, or so rigid as to implement policies that obviously compromise India's national interests. But if, for theory's sake, it is assumed that the US played no part in the embarrassing Indo-US foreign secretaries' talk, then the PM has to take all the blame for it, and it would reveal once again how little understanding he has of statecraft and of strategic issues, despite being a two-term prime minister.