21 November 2008: It has always been wondered if a US-style presidential campaign is possible in this country, and L.K.Advani is teasing the possibilities a bit. Arguably before anyone in this country, Advani's political managers had seen through the benefits of borrowing from Barack Obama's campaign strategies, and one of those, frankly, was not to this writer's liking, which was Advani's political memoir. Obama without having been in government couldn't reveal much in his own writing beyond his personal ideology and had consequently less chances of ruffling feathers. Advani with many decades spent in active politics and having been A.B.Vajpayee's deputy prime minister had lots more to disclose and defend. In the event, Advani has gone past any damage that his memoir could do, and if the papers are to be believed, it is selling well, indicative, say the papers, of a pro-BJP momentum building up.