London, 27 October 2010: If you wish to have a glimpse of the kind of government Rahul Gandhi will give to the country, if he ever unfortunately becomes India's prime minister, then you have to check the direction the Congress party is taking under him. The Congress party technically is still headed by his mother, Sonia Gandhi. But in key decisions taken, for example, on continuing with Omar Abdullah as Jammu and Kashmir's chief minister, with all its disastrous fallouts so far, or on canceling the bauxite mining leases of Vedanta in Niyamgiri Hills, or in decisions related to selecting Congress candidates for elections (where, of course, success is all that counts), it appears that Sonia has allowed Rahul to have the final call. It would, therefore, be logical and proper to place current decisions and steps taken by the Congress party at the door of Rahul Gandhi, and it would not be entirely out of sorts to extrapolate from there about the kind of primeministership he will give. This piece will not deal with the actual primeministership he is likely to dispense, because that will be at a future point in time, and it may happen as likely as that it may not, but rather the manner of a Rahul Gandhi primeministership, for which his present decisions, some of them at any rate, taken as the most powerful of the Congress general secretaries, will be analyzed for what they are worth.