1 December 2008: P.Chidambaram says that he was "disinclined" to become Union home minister when Sonia Gandhi, his real boss, and prime minister Manmohan Singh, his notional boss, asked him to. Chidambaram told the media God knows why that he would be "less-than-honest" if he did not confess being "disinclined" to be the new interior minister. Certainly, Chidambaram's honesty did not extend to revealing why he felt so "disinclined" to be Shivraj Patil's successor at North Block, unless it be that he does not expect to succeed in his new charge. The Opposition has already called the Chidambaram succession "too-little-too-late", and that also sums up Laloo Prasad Yadav's sentiments, that most steadfast UPA ally of Sonia Gandhi.