9 December 2009: The deadly assault on Mumbai and the slaughter of innocent civilians, directed by serving officers of the Pakistani armed forces, will not be the last outrage against India. It is, therefore, important for ordinary citizens, unable to exercise direct influence over politicians and officers of the Indian State, to understand why there is little effective response to such episodes of war against them. However, ordinary citizens cannot escape all culpability for the dire situation that has overtaken India. It is the citizens of Maharashtra who have voted back to power the very politicians who demonstrated utter incompetence in relation to 26/ 11. And it is they who have stomached the restoration to office of the extraordinarily arrogant home minister in Maharashtra that presided at the time. The crass chief minister himself, who seemed to regard the tragedy an opportunity to promote his son's acting career in Bollywood, suffered the briefest chastisement for indecent haste, but was quickly elevated to even higher things at the Centre.