Narendra Modi played well by announcing repealing of 3 farm laws on Guru Nanak Prakash Utsav, the most revered occasion for Sikhs globally and Punjab.

I am a normal citizen of India who does not understand politics beyond a point. However, I know India is facing enormous situations both within and from outside India. A lot has to be done not only to save India in difficult times but also to put the country on growth path.

Farm laws, passed by government appeared to be very progressive but the way these have been opposed by the very people for whom these were intended to benefit, speaks volumes. All sorts of reports were posted that #farmerprotests are politically motivated by @Congress @AAP, and other political parties as well as it is supported by foreign funds, Khalistani elements whereas, in certain reports work of foreign agencies including China, Pakistan was also mentioned.

This #farmersprotest has been the largest, the longest and most peaceful ever that has taken place anywhere in history globally. The seasoned politician that Modi is should work on using this great strength and determination shown by farmers, in productive ways to benefit India.

The disturbing issue on 26th January was the job of a few miscreants with their individual motives as it appears now. But this incidence was blown out of proportion by Indian media with distorted images regarding farmer’s protest. The peaceful march by lakhs of farmers carrying 5000 meters tricolor on their shoulders most respectfully on 26th January went un-reported, while, violence that took place at Red Fort was repeated over for several days giving Khalistani colour to the movement. I do not know how, but for national unity and integration, PM has to handle the way media behaved. Media’s stance created wide rift among several sections of society that India cannot afford

In my view, India needs Narendra Modi as Prime Minister now and BJP for the next 25 years to keep India on the right track of national growth and unity. India faces several challenges within the country that includes political parties going down to the levels unheard-of, which is visible the way opposition ruled states are behaving. Also, there are challenges from religious groups some of whom are working on agendas funded and supported by forces outside India. A seemingly disturbing alliance between Pakistan and China is a huge challenge that needs to be countered by India unitedly.

By repealing the farm laws, Prime Minister removed a major obstacle that would have costed heavily to BJP in the coming state elections definitely and would have impacted 2024 as well.

Thank you once again for taking a balanced decision and announcing it on the most auspicious day for Sikhs and Punjab.