5 January 2009: The notion of defending India is a popular contemporary motif for many, but the prevailing reality of India's perpetual vulnerability exposes it as a hollow conceit. In India, the people who matter are busy defending their private interests. The obscenely rich are primarily interested in becoming even richer, though the all-enveloping squalor of the environment must make escape from it even by helicopter travel between various BMW-style climate-controlled zones difficult. Dominant politicians are almost exclusively preoccupied with being in power and the loaves and fishes of office, which in contemporary India are unrivalled since Shah Jahan miss-spent India's wealth building a mausoleum and Robert Clive committed robbery on a grand scale. Their political underlings scramble for crumbs, in exchange for displays of obeisance that even the gods must envy. The modern bureaucrat has eagerly clambered on to the gravy train in the control of politicians and found they can do exceedingly well as junior partners in crime. Find me ten national politicians without an illicit bank account and thirty bureaucrats not wearing a high-end premium watch and I will take sanyas!