31 May 2010: India has entered a phase of rapid economic and political transformation. Its relative political and economic weight in its neighbourhood and the wider world is growing. It is leaving behind Pakistan, its arch rival, and concomitantly constraining China's regional primacy, though the latter is achieving prominence on all relevant indices of power even more rapidly than India. This unfolding scenario portends grave dangers because Pakistan and China have a strong interest in thwarting India's advance before it reaches a point when it can resist their spoiler tactics more tenaciously. Both China and Pakistan wish to embroil India in a war that will result in a major setback for it. For China, it will only entail arming and funding a Pakistani assault, which, in turn, will gain respite by merely undermining India's prodigious advance since its own relative position is deteriorating unremittingly. It is, therefore, imperative for India to avoid open conflict, though that does not mean it should desist from all retaliatory action in response to intolerable provocation.